Use and selection of automatic soldering iron tip

Automatic soldering machine is a high-tech that has only emerged in recent years. Many people can't use it very well after it is purchased, resulting in a greatly shortened lifespan. Not to mention, it may also make its workload impossible. Let us share it with you below. The key to how the soldering iron tip is soldered and how to maintain a good amount of tin and fluency.



Tin wire problem of automatic soldering machine:

    It is necessary to select the appropriate tin wire to match the soldering of the automatic soldering machine, but the tin must be kept on the soldering iron head, and the amount of tin can not be too much, so when selecting the tin wire before work, try to choose a solder wire with a moderate diameter to keep the tin of the soldering iron head The amount of tin in order to fill the solder joints.

The tip of the soldering iron should be kept in a clean state:

    The automatic soldering machine must clean the oxide on the soldering iron tip before use, so that the soldering tip can maintain a good soldering state when soldering. At the same time, after the soldering is completed, a new layer of tin should be added to the tip of the soldering iron, so that the soldering iron tip will not be oxidized too quickly. When cleaning the soldering iron tip, use a special cleaning sponge to wipe off the flux residue and oxides on the soldering iron tip, or scrape off these things with a blade before starting soldering.

The soldering iron tip should have tin:

    The surface of the soldering iron tip must be regularly tinned, which can increase its durability, especially when the automatic soldering machine is not in use, it is necessary to frequently coat a layer of tin on it. The tip of the soldering iron is more durable.

The choice of soldering iron tip should be suitable:

    In automatic soldering, the model selection of the iron tip must be appropriate. Incorrect selection of the soldering iron head will not only affect the efficiency of the automatic soldering machine, but also greatly reduce the quality of the soldering. At the same time, the thermal capacity of different types of soldering iron heads is also different, the larger the soldering iron head, the greater the thermal capacity. The principle of selecting the soldering iron tip is based on not affecting the adjacent components, and can be matched with the diameter of the pad and the height of the tin surface on the pin. Only in this way can you be handy when soldering.

In short, automatic soldering is a very complicated process. Although it is an automated procedure, we only have to adopt a scientific attitude to select the soldering iron tip during soldering, and we can achieve twice the result with half the effort.