What operations should be paid attention to when soldering iron?

(1) Before using a newly purchased electric soldering iron, you must first check it with a multimeter to ensure that the electric soldering iron has no problems before use

(2) Check if the tip of the soldering iron is loose. If it is loose, you need to tighten it.

(3) Check whether the insulation cover of the power supply wire is damaged. If the damage is damaged, it should be wrapped with insulating tape to prevent leakage accidents during use.

(4) Newly purchased soldering iron tips must be trimmed before use. Ordinary pure copper soldering iron tips and longevity soldering iron tip trimming methods are different, and care should be taken. When the soldering iron tip is not in use, the soldering iron tip needs to be plated with solder, which is usually referred to as placing with tin. Placed with tin can prevent the surface of the soldering iron tip from being oxidized, and also reduce the volatilization of the coating on the copper soldering iron tip. It is forbidden to strike the desktop with a soldering iron tip during use to avoid damaging the soldering iron tip. Longevity soldering irons are forbidden to be polished with files or sandpaper, and wiped with a rag or wet fiber sponge.


(5) When the electric soldering iron is not in use, the power supply should be turned off in time to avoid accelerated oxidation of the soldering iron tip and soldering iron core and shorten the service life.

(6) Pay attention to safety issues when using the electric soldering iron. The electric soldering iron cannot be placed at hand. When the electric soldering iron is temporarily unused, it should be placed on the electric iron rack to avoid fire or burns.

(7) In the process of using the electric iron, it is not possible to use the method of forceful throwing to remove the excess solder on the tip of the soldering iron. To avoid scalding the solder ball, use a special fiber sponge to wipe or wipe it off.

(8) When using an electric soldering iron, attention should be paid to the temperature of the electric soldering iron. The temperature is too low to melt the solder, resulting in unsightly solder joints or virtual soldering, false soldering, etc. The temperature is too high to easily burn the electric iron.

(9) During the soldering process, care must be taken not to allow the power cord to be placed on the electric iron, to avoid scalding the insulation of the power cord to cause leakage, which can cause an accident.

(10) Do not strike the electric iron hard, otherwise it may cause the electric wire or lead inside the electric iron to break and cause a malfunction.

(11) After the soldering is completed, the power of the electric iron should be cut off in time. After the electric iron cools, put it back into the toolbox. Remember not to pick up the electric iron and put it back into the toolbox. Beginners often make this mistake , Not only scalding yourself but also other items in the toolbox.

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