Maintenance and use of new soldering iron tip

When the new soldering iron tip is obtained, it is installed, energized, heated, and temperature adjusted to enter the working state. In this process, some users often overlook the protection of the new soldering iron tip.

     Before using the new soldering iron tip, the temperature should be adjusted to 250 ℃ when the soldering iron is turned on. After the pre-tin melts, clean it with a cleaning sponge. If you are using a solder wire with flux, directly fill the solder wire, if you need external flux, first dip the flux, and then immediately fill up the solder you use, regardless of the nature of the solder wire, repair tin At the same time, we must pay attention to uniform coating, so that there will be no phenomenon of tin, and the more the better the use. Then adjust the temperature to the required specification; the purpose of this is to form a protective film on the tin layer on the soldering iron tip to prevent the new soldering iron tip from directly oxidizing at high temperature. Maintaining a tin layer on the soldering iron tip at any time is an important thing to maintain the soldering iron tip.

■ New soldering iron tip prolonging life maintenance method

The soldering iron is not suitable for a long time in a high temperature state (referring to greater than 300 °), otherwise it will accelerate its oxidation, which will not only affect the service life, but also make it difficult to apply tin and do not stick tin in later use!

     It is forbidden to polish the iron tip with black oxide or sandpaper, because it will damage the electroplated metal and the life is greatly reduced. The correct method is to use a quick-wet soldering iron sponge (not subject to dripping) to repeatedly add tin and wipe it on the sponge. Until the tip of the soldering iron returns to metallic luster. First remove the oxides with the solder of the flux. If it cannot be removed, add tin, wipe, add tin, and wipe until there is no oxide layer, and then apply new solder. After all operations are completed, new solder should be applied to the tip of the soldering iron.

     The soldering temperature is higher than 350 ° C, and the work is suspended for more than 1 hour, the soldering iron tip should be tinned frequently;

     Before closing the soldering station, do not remove the excess solder on the tip of the soldering iron. These excess tin will protect the surface of the tin and prevent oxidation when the soldering iron head reheats;

■ Pay attention to the storage of used soldering iron heads   

When there is no operation, make sure that there is tin protection on the tip of the soldering iron. When welding, the operator must not move the board. The amount of sponge water on the tip of the soldering iron should be appropriate. Rub the sponge before the soldering operation. Normally, the operator should not hit hard objects with the tip of the soldering iron to prevent damage to the coating on the surface of the soldering iron tip. It is found that there are foreign objects, stolen goods, paint coverage and oxidation phenomena on the pad during the operation, and it should be cleaned before welding. It is strictly forbidden to use a soldering iron tip to iron plastic items, which not only reduces the service life of the soldering iron tip but also causes the pungent smoke to cause damage to the human body.

     Clean the tip of the iron with a cleaning sponge;

     Wrap the iron tip with solder

     Turn off the power and other soldering iron head to cool

     Place the soldering iron stylus on the soldering iron bracket.

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