Into the intelligent automatic soldering process technology

Intelligent soldering machines play a vital role in the manufacturing industry, especially for large factories, intelligent soldering machines are widely used, replacing labor in the production process, increasing the efficiency by many times while greatly reducing labor costs, automatic soldering machines It is an automatic equipment that replaces manual soldering. It is generally used in the post-welding part. The main advantages are: fixed tin quantity, consistent solder joints, and quality assurance. The automatic soldering machine mainly has three soldering methods: soldering, drag soldering, and shaking soldering. Generally speaking, these three methods can meet the soldering needs of different products.


With the continuous development of the electronics industry, especially the rise of the microelectronics industry, automatic soldering machines have become more and more popular as an excellent method to replace manual welding. Especially in the last one or two years, as China ’s demographic dividend has reached an inflection point, the labor costs of factories have become higher and higher. This tool that can save people and improve efficiency is generally welcomed by factory owners. As a new tool, with its popularity and increase, it is necessary to formulate an industry standard, so we are gradually accumulating a set of our own standards based on our years of experience in this industry, and also leading The development of automatic soldering process. Below we will focus on the following aspects:


1. The principle of automatic soldering

The so-called automatic soldering refers to the automatic soldering machine. Most of the current popular on the market is the semi-braking soldering machine, which is what we usually call the automatic soldering machine. As for the fully automatic soldering machine, it is still relatively rare on the market. The principle is to find out the position of each solder point through a programmer (teaching box), set the coordinates, store it in the robot arm, and then select the appropriate soldering iron head and the tin wire used, and at the same time, send the tin system The wire is sent to the forefront of the high-temperature soldering iron head to achieve the purpose of soldering. The movement of the entire system is realized by the me