Analysis of the development status and existing problems of domestic automatic soldering machine ind

The soldering iron tip of the automatic soldering machine is the largest consumable in the use of the soldering machine. The right choice, cost savings, the wrong choice, a long stream of water, non-stop waste.

At present, there are two types of soldering heads in the market, one is the original factory, and the other is produced by a professional soldering iron head factory. These two products have their own characteristics. The soldering iron heads provided by the original factory are usually produced by the main factory. Figure, and then find a special processing plant for processing, but the price is generally higher. If many mainframe manufacturers do not have a lot of profits on the machine, they will find them back on the consumables such as soldering iron heads. Soldering iron head production process is very proficient, and most of the introduction of CNC lathe equipment, production efficiency is much higher than the production efficiency of solder machine manufacturers. Perhaps just like the automatic dispenser in the past, it took three to five years to evolve, and professional suppliers in various fields have evolved. Now there are a number of suppliers that focus on various fields in the automatic soldering machine industry.

The surface of the soldering iron tip of the soldering machine is iron-plated, nickel-plated, galvanized, etc., and the thickness is different. Each manufacturer has its own set of production parameters, including electroplating time, plating thickness, and plating current. The service life of the soldering iron tip. The Jimei soldering iron tip is non-plated, and the service life of the alloy material is more than 3 times longer. When it is replaced, it is highly efficient and saves time.

Since the development of automatic soldering machines, no domestic company like Jimei Electronic Equipment has invested a lot of money to develop a truly durable welding head. The reason is that the production process of welding heads involves electroplating technology. The suppliers of automatic soldering machines are only in I have experience in machine development, but I am a layman when I encounter chemical expertise. I am afraid to develop it. This gives the industry opportunities for manufacturers specializing in soldering iron heads. With the development of the industry, the factory promotes lean production. , More and more customers will recognize the expense of the soldering iron tip of the soldering machine, and thus choose a professional soldering iron tip manufacturer to solve the cost. There are several advantages of choosing a professional soldering iron tip supplier. The first choice is to obtain a more favorable product price. The second is that the quality of the soldering iron tip manufactured by the soldering iron tip manufacturer is more superior and stable. The third is the timely response and fast delivery time.