BEE intelligent dual display lead-free soldering station


 Technical Parameters:



90W/120W(Choose one of the two power)

Input voltage220V OR 110V
The output voltageDC24V
Temperature range100℃~550℃
Temperature control accuracy± 2℃

Protection level

Level 1

Static Protection


Temperature lock method 

Smart card



Host weight 


 Standard accessories:







BEE-818   818-120Wseries

BEE-818   818-90Wseries

BEE self-sensing temperature

 lead-free soldering iron

 head 818 series(Integrated

 design of heating core 

and soldering iron head)


Tsui type optional

(Select soldering iron nozzle series 

accordingto power)


BEE smart card



BEE anti-static wire



BEE power cord


Plug optional


BEE soldering iron frame


 BEE intelligent dual display lead-free soldering station features:

1. Dual temperature display: Unlike the individual display temperature of the general soldering station or the false and sluggish temperature as the real-time temperature display, our company displays the set temperature and the actual temperature of the soldering iron head at the same time in an innovative dual display mode. The real-time temperature will be As the temperature of the soldering iron tip changes sensitively, the real-time monitoring can be realized, which can display the working temperature of the welding in real time, which can avoid frequent temperature check and improve the work efficiency.

2. More rapid temperature recovery: The temperature control system developed by our company can make the power of the heating core change with the load, so that the temperature can be quickly recovered and effectively reduce the damage of the heating core. It can easily handle the work products with excessive heat loss, reduce the man-hours of welding operation and greatly control the virtual welding and false welding caused by the slow temperature recovery, reduce the product defect rate, and improve the production efficiency.

3. More precise temperature control: The heating element and sensor are integrated to sense the temperature change of the soldering iron tip in time, and the temperature sensitivity of the soldering iron tip loss is transmitted to the soldering station host to make the temperature control more stable and accurate. In the no-load state, the temperature difference is 2 ℃, which greatly reduces the damage to the precision components caused by excessive temperature. At the same time, it also avoids the chaos of temperature control caused by component oxidation or other reasons, and the temperature difference is greater than +10 '℃.

4. Temperature lock design: equipped with intelligent key temperature adjustment, instead of using card temperature adjustment, to prevent operators from changing the temperature at will, which is convenient for production management.

5. Temperature adjustment: display the temperature with high-quality digital tube, and adjust the temperature of the digital display tube with the up and down buttons, which is more accurate and durable than the knob.

6. Excellent anti-static: using unique anti-static technology, dual grounding unique design, connected by the plug ground wire, to protect the product from electrostatic damage and eliminate the hidden danger of static electricity.

7. The mainframe is light and compact: the use of high-quality switching power supply and integrated circuit, breaking through the previous linear power supply technology, is safer, more durable, energy-saving and environmentally friendly than the conventional transformer; the body shell is made of high-quality engineering aluminum alloy, which is light and durable.

8. Exquisitely designed heating core: Our heating core is made of high-quality stainless steel and high-temperature resistance wire, which has been carefully designed and cooperated with the temperature control system developed by our company to make the entire soldering machine play a perfect effect. Our heating cores are all plug-in design, making replacement more convenient and faster.

9. Handle: connection design, convenient disassembly and assembly, low damage rate, reduced maintenance cost; light weight, low temperature, no hot hands, no fatigue, which is convenient for the operator to work for a long time.

10. Various types of machines can be selected according to different products to avoid unnecessary cost and waste of consumables.

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