How to prevent the iron tip from burning out? Maintenance is very important

 The temperature of the soldering iron cannot be too high. If the temperature is too high, the tip of the soldering iron will not blacken, and it is commonly known as burned to death.

 The method to deal with the 'burning' of the soldering iron head:

Make sure that there is always solder on the tip of the soldering iron.

     If you burn it, you can scrape the tip of the iron with a sharp point after breaking off with a steel saw blade. When the temperature of the iron is not very high, first tin the tip of the iron and then use it.

     Note that the iron tip cannot be filed with a file.

■ Maintenance methods to prevent the iron head from 'burning':

The tip of the soldering iron must be heated before each soldering operation, and 'empty heat' should also be applied during the soldering interval, so that an oxide layer appears on the surface of the solder remaining on the soldering tip. In addition, the residual flux (such as rosin or petroleum jelly) will also become carbon deposits and dirt attached to the surface of the soldering iron tip. If it is not removed, they will be mixed into the solder during the soldering process, which will reduce the mechanical strength, electrical contact performance and finish of the solder, which will directly affect the soldering quality. In order to ensure only the quality of soldering, you must use a cleaning block to wipe off these contaminants, and then to melt the solder.

     First, let the cleaning block absorb enough water, squeeze some away by hand, and retain about 70% of the water. With the soldering iron handle in hand, wipe the heated soldering iron tip twice on the cleaning block. The tin layer on it will be as bright as new, and the soldering iron tip will be clean.

     If there is no ready-made cleaning block, you can use a medium-high density sponge to replace it, or even stack small pieces of napkins. Remember to soak in water before use. Although the cleaning block is small, it plays an important role in welding quality.

■ Precautions

Use sandpaper to hit the copper to eat tin noodles. After cleaning it, stick more rosin to eat tin.

     The internal heating type iron should not be energized for a long time, it is very easy to burn, and it will be cut off for a while when not in use. Also, the power of the soldering iron core is also easy to burn to death.

     The copper tip of the soldering iron is pushed to the end to make it a bit lower in temperature, and it is not easy to burn to death.

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