BEE alloy tip

BEE-911G-special series
BEE-911G-special series
BEE-911G-special series
BEE-911G-special series
BEE-911G-special series
BEE-911G-special series
BEE-911G-special series

■ Technical Parameters:

Patented process

Using patented alloy process, abandon traditional electroplating process, energy saving and environmental protection.

Long life

Using the patented alloy process, our alloy soldering iron tip has a very long life, which is 2-3 times more than the ordinary electroplating soldering iron tip on the market. It saves customers time for frequent replacement of soldering iron tips and greatly improves production efficiency. 

High consistency

Using patented alloy technology, each batch of products is highly consistent in life and size, which solves the problems of different life and size of traditional electroplating soldering iron heads, greatly improving customer product yield and making yield very stable

Do not run tin

A special tin-resistance layer design is adopted so that the soldering iron head does not run out of tin during use, ensuring that the soldering quality is very stable.

Short production proofing cycleAdopt patent alloy process, abandon the traditional electroplating process, fully comply with national environmental protection standards, there is no production site restrictions, can achieve on-site production proofing, greatly reduce the production proofing cycle, can be completed from sampling to sampling within 48H.
Use welding products

PCBA, 3C electronic products, automotive electronics, medical electronics, fire protection electronics, power tools, instruments, photoelectric displays, speakers, headphones, fans, motors, power supplies, etc.

Temperature range


■ Model specifications:



BEE-911G-40PC-2H BEE-911G-20PT08UV BEE-911G--30DK BEE-911G-20L-01-RD 


BEE-911G-2.0PC1V BEE-911G-30D2V BEE-911G-30D2V BEE-911G-5.0LDV-RD-X 


BEE-911G-60LD BEE-911G-1.0DV1-A BEE-911G-60P25H BEE-911G-40DF1 


BEE-911G-2.5DU BEE-911G-1.2RDV1 BEE-911G-7Y2RVBEE-911G-24CDU





■ Note: There are so many varieties that can't be recorded. Special models can be customized with drawings and samples!