What are the characteristics of alloy automatic soldering robot soldering iron head

The alloy automatic soldering robot head has the following characteristics:

■ Choose material

Using German alloy materials, the environmental protection thermal conductivity is more superior, and at the same time, the improved adhesion ability does not expand and fall off at high temperatures;

Unique technology Through the unique technology of soft start rectifier not less than 50 hours, to ensure the sufficient thickness of the iron layer, the dense distribution of iron to achieve the goal of high quality and high durability;

The front-end processing of the soldering iron head greatly improves the operation ability;

In order to realize the stability and automation of soldering operations, we have carried out various treatments on the soldering surface, after chemical grinding, with high activity flux to keep the initial state of the soldering surface in good condition;

The use of solder will not adhere to the area other than the use of the solder surface, and the appropriate technology is used to more effectively prevent the problem of solder climbing from the initial operation;

Various shapes are realistic;

The soldering surface of the soldering iron tip should be selected for the most suitable shape for different operations. We provide the design of the tip shape and shaft shape to stabilize the temperature of the tip iron tip by heat storage to provide customers with a more suitable and correct soldering iron head.

■ Advantages of soldering iron tip, guarantee of confidence

1. Pass SGS certification and high environmental standards to ensure the unimpeded global circulation of products;

2. Depending on the quality as life, the production process is excellent, strictly in accordance with the design parameters;

3. Good soldering and long life, fully proved in many years of production and application;

4. Own factory, full control of the production process to ensure quality, quantity and delivery time.

■ After welding

    First adjust the temperature to 300 degrees, and then clean the soldering tip, and add a layer of new solder for protection. If you are using a non-temperature-controlled soldering iron, first cut off the power and let the soldering tip temperature drop before soldering.

■ Oxide treatment of welding tip

    First adjust the temperature of the welding tip to 300 degrees, and then clean the welding tip with a moist clean sponge, then tin, and repeat the action until the oxides are cleaned up.

■ Other matters needing attention


 1. Try to use low temperature welding, if the temperature of the welding tip exceeds 450 degrees, its oxidation rate is twice 350 degrees;

 2. Please always keep the soldering tip on the tin to prevent dry burning and avoid oxidation;

 3. When welding, please do not apply too much pressure, otherwise it will deform the welding tip, only need to ensure that the welding tip fully contacts the welding point, the heat can be transferred, and another choice of suitable welding tip can also improve the heat transfer.

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