SMT soldering iron head usage and maintenance

The quality of SMT processing and welding quality is related to the performance, reliability, and production cost of electronic products. Therefore, how to make SMT processing welding with high quality and low consumption is always a concern and research topic in the electronics industry. The quality management of SMT patch processing and welding should be a systematic project. According to its content, it should generally include quality training for all staff, quality inspection before welding, quality control during welding, quality inspection after welding, and storage management.


■ Preparation before using welding station

First check and clean the sponge if it is soaked with water. First clean the sponge wet water, then squeeze out the remaining water. Only in this way can the lead-free soldering iron head get outstanding cleaning effect. If a non-wet cleaning sponge is used, the welding tip will be damaged and the tin will not be applied.

■  Maintenance during SMT processing and welding

Before welding the soldering station, use a cleaning sponge to clean the impurities on the welding tip. This can ensure that the quality of the solder joints will not exhibit virtual welding or false welding, and can slow down the oxidation speed of the welding tip. Therefore, ensuring the cleaning degree of the welding tip can extend the service life of the welding tip.

■ Maintenance after the welding operation of the welding station

First adjust the temperature to 300 ℃, then clean the tip, and add a new layer of solder for maintenance, so that the tip and air barrier can be maintained, the tip will not react with oxygen in the air.

■ Maintenance when not using soldering station

When the soldering station is not used, the soldering tip should not be exposed to high temperature for a long time. This will cause the flux on the soldering iron tip to be converted into oxides, which greatly reduces the thermal conductivity of the soldering iron tip. When the soldering station is not in use, the power supply should be turned off (for soldering stations with no temperature control and no active sleep function).